One of the most significant challenges for a busy solicitor is taking time away from other important tasks to source new clients. Now that the field of Accident claims is so competitive, it is becoming more difficult to rely solely on walk-ins, and this is where Data Fresh can help.

Our unique data matching technology can effectively locate up to 160 potential clients every month. Each candidate is carefully screened against specific criteria in order to increase the likelihood of a successful engagement of your services.

We can locate candidates who have been involved in an accident any time within the past 30 months (these are the most likely to pursue claims, and the most reliable in terms of getting a positive result).

We can refine results to include only those who sustained an injury significant enough to limit them from normal activity for at least 30 days, where the victim needed to visit a hospital or consult a GP for treatment. Of course we will ensure the candidate is not already engaged with another solicitor, and that they are ready to make a claim.