For Solicitors we create campaigns around the most freshest cases of clients who have suffered personal injury within the last 3 months.


We always work one day in arrear which allows us to make adjustments to our outbound social media campaign one day before delivery.
Our software schedules our posts to allow up to 140,000 posts per day.
Once we have generated enquires we will preform vetting via Facebook messenger with the client and our marketing campaign.
Our criteria meets each firms and is generally strict. Clients have to have accidents within 12 months, must not be their fault, injuries must have lasted more than 8 weeks and client must have the relevant documentation and information to pursue a claim.
Replacements – We will replace clients that fall out of criteria and simply don’t want to pursue a claim. We would ask you to speak to the client as soon as possible and once the client falls out of criteria to send it back to Katie Jones who is head of our internet marketing department and she can replace the client almost immediately once we have confirmed the reasons.
Orders are always made the day before and have to be placed before 5pm to ensure you receive the clients the following day. We can increase each campaign to a maximum of 20 clients per day within 24 hours e.g. if you wish to order 60 clinical negligence clients per day we will need at least 3 days grace but you will receive an increase of 20 clients per day.
Our agreement is set up as an internet marketing agreement for compliance purposes which allows us to work on a fixed weekly agreed amount which can be increased or decreased at the end of the week for the next.
Once the initial order is made Katie will be in touch and will grant you access to your Google Spreadsheet which will allow both parties to make notes and keep and eye on the progress and balance. We can also implement tools which can show conversions on a) Sign up b) Costs recovered.
We are very confident we have a new route of marketing which is unrivalled in this sector and we are looking forward to working with many more legal firms over the next forthcoming years.